Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: in search of our health

Health is everything,
without health,
there is nothing.
What use are your possessions,
if you don’t have health?
Between health and money,
I choose health.

Popular saying

Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being in which the body and mind function optimally. It goes beyond the absence of diseases and involves various aspects such as physical fitness, emotional stability, and the ability to face challenges in life.

The concept of health has evolved and now encompasses, in addition to the absence of diseases, a more comprehensive perspective thanks to a better understanding of human nature and to the advances in medicine. Health is influenced by genetic factors, lifestyle, access to medical care, and socioeconomic conditions. A holistic approach is important to promote and maintain it.

Using the MODO collections, this exhibition seeks to tell the stories about health, its key moments, and its evolution, focusing on medicine, hygiene, education, and showcasing the technological advances that have improved the quality of life for everyone.

The exhibit also aims to reflect on everyday practices related to health and the existing taboos around it, questioning our own experience and the relationship with our own well-being.

Antonio Soto

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