Over the last five years and led by the artist Ricardo Caballero, MODO has established a very close link with the population deemed psychiatric at the Tepepan Women’s Social Rehabilitation Centre and the Men’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre (CEVAREPSI). This connection has been strengthened over time, building bridges of communication from inside these institutions to the outside world and offering us a chance to understand a section of the prison population that rarely has the opportunity to express itself.

During this time, a considerable number of artworks have been created in response to various concerns of these individuals who are deprived of their freedom. The works are inspired by different themes and have established a very solid connection with the objects from MODO’s collection, achieving and provoking a wide range of interpretations.

This exhibition generates a dialogue where previous exhibits come together, creating a retrospective of the process over the years.

The most recent works, never before exhibited, are also showcased and grouped under the title El Informe de sí (The self-report). A series of pieces based on participants’ anecdotes and biographical data that narrates episodes, experiences and memories that define their creators as unique and unrepeatable characters.

Thus, this exhibition spans more than five years of collaboration with MODO in the artistic search for people who, enclosed by the prison walls, have much to share with the world outside.

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